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Central and Southern Student Drive-In 2023, hosted by University of La Verne


Before you register, here is your need-to-know checklist:

Due to space limitations, only 25 attendees are permitted per institution

Priority Registration Closes: October 13th, 2023
WACUHO Members: $35
 each student leader & advisors
s/late registration: $40 each student leader & advisors

Payment methods accepted: Credit Card or Check

-Name of Main Advisor
-WACUHO Member/Non-Member status
-Number and Names of Professional Staff Attending
-Number and Names of Student Leaders Attending
-Any special accommodations for attendees
-Any dietary needs of attendees

 -Transportation Plans


Late Registration Closes: October 20th, 2023

Step 1: Register


Registration for the conference is now closed. If you are already registered, please ensure that you have completed Steps 2 & 3. We will see you on Saturday, November 4, 2023!

Step 2: Delegation Registration Sheet

The initial registration form only requests campus contact and the number of delegates an institution is sending. Once a delegation registers for the conference they must fill out and submit their Delegation Registration excel sheet. An advisor will enter one line per delegate and provide all additional information in the required columns. 

This form can be found here. Download the form to edit.

Step 3: Submit Delegation Registration Sheet to Google Form

Please complete this link by Friday, October 20th at 5pm to provide details on student registration information.

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